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one simple change

We hear it every day… eat more fruits and veggies, preferably raw. When is the last time you ate a raw beet? How often do you do that? I never did. Until, I found I could get my raw, fresh produce in a capsule. Yes, you read that right! Almost like the Jetsons, huh?(For those of you too young to remember the Jetsons, I’m talking space age food) Juiceplus is certified chemical free, a higher standard than organic. There are clinical research studies that show the benefits and you can read them here, I still eat fruits and veggies and I always will, but now I have an “insurance program” or a plan b in place for days on the run and trips away from home. I would never settle for fruit and veggie powders made from cooked produce. Juiceplus is the only one for me.
Next best thing to fruits and vegetables
Healthful Farm to Capsule whole food nutrition
Supported by extensive Clinical Research
Recommended by leading Health Professionals
Confirmed by 150,000+ families in Children’s Health Study

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